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While we contribute to this project on a voluntary basis for free, it costs money to keep the server infrastructure going for the project. This includes the forums, lobby server, trac, addons, and the build bot to make nightly builds. It has grown to the point that we need to ask the community to help us out with the costs. If you play Warzone, or just like the work we do with it, please consider donating.

Since our costs are repetitive in nature, we are in particular looking for people who would consider monthly donations through a "support subscription". This will give us the comfort of knowing that we will not run out of money at some point, allow us to focus on what we are good at (which is not raising money, or even updating this web page!), and to sleep well at night.

The more money we raise, the better server infrastructure we can afford, and the longer we can keep it running.

We have received USD $2,781.00 in donations, and spent USD $2,282.09 so far.
This information is up to date as of July 2015.

Thanks everyone for contributing!

We also support another game project on our server called Freeciv . The sums above include donations from this project.

We apologize for the lack of payment options. PayPal is the only well known brand that works internationally for such purposes. Also note that PayPal takes a small cut of each transaction, so the amount donated will not increase the amount on hand with exactly the same amount.

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